The innovation economy depends on critical minerals, metals, and rare earth elements; often sourced from emerging markets.

The demand for critical minerals and metals, such as tantalum, gold, graphite, and manganese, is expected to increase in the coming years as the transition to renewable energy accelerates. However, there are often challenges associated with sourcing from emerging markets, including environmental and social issues, as well as geopolitical risks.

Adaptive Resources helps businesses understand and improve the performance of their supply chains through due diligence solutions. This includes assessing the supply chain to identify potential issues and implementing strategies to address them.

By doing so, Adaptive Resources enables businesses to make informed decisions about their supply chain and ensure that it is operating efficiently and ethically. Our due diligence solutions enable companies to identify potential risks, understand their supply chain performance, and develop actionable plans to improve.

Our Features

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including supply chain mapping, risk evaluation, and sub-supplier assessments.

Our experienced team of supply chain experts will work with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your needs and help improve your supply chain.

Adaptive application features

  • Map, visualize, and trace complex and critical supply chains
  • Purchase Adaptive Claims that fund responsible sourcing projects and directly support producers and civil society organizations
  • Easily share due diligence and trade documentation across the value chain
  • Monitor corrective action plans and┬átrack risk mitigation strategies for sites and sub-suppliers in real-time
  • Research suppliers and screen suppliers using leading KYC and sanctions screening tools
  • Assess suppliers against market sourcing and industry-developed due diligence standards

Our Services

We provide producers, brands, and responsible trade actors with a comprehensive platform that facilitates better supply chain management, analytics, and compliance.

Our platform helps producers and brands to identify risk areas, measure compliance, and implement preventive measures to ensure sustainable sourcing and production. Additionally, Adaptive provides access to compliant payment solutions and real-time data to streamline sourcing processes, while enabling greater transparency and accountability.

Our commitment to supply chain responsibility

We believe that all companies should have a Responsible Sourcing Policy and a Web 3.0 Wallet.

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